Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's alive (yay)!

Having stayed late at the office last night to compose the previous post, I arrived home at some ridiculously late hour to the sound of a familiar hum. I grabbed the mouse of my late, lamented computer, afraid of what I would--or wouldn't--see, and was pleasantly shocked to find that not only was my computer completely rebooted, our Quicken financial records and my "home" e-mail were already open. Holding my breath, I clicked on My Documents, and all of my folders appeared. I opened a file saved late last week, and it was all still there. What a relief! Of course, I was somewhat less relieved when I looked more closely at the Quicken records and saw the $200 payment to a computer maintenance and repair company, but I daresay that the rescue was well worth the expense. Rav todot, many thanks to my husband for calling for back-up. Now we'll be able to set up my new computer, when it arrives, at a less frantic pace.


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